The Big NYC Egg Hunt

The search for the eggs are ON! The Faberg√© Big Egg Hunt is the world’s biggest egg hunt. Sculptures have been placed throughout the five boroughs of NYC. It started on April 1st and will run until April 17th. After the hunt is over, the eggs will be placed at Rockefeller Center until April 25th.


Have you seen the one in Chinatown on Centre between Hester and Grand? Here are the rest of the clues!


Keira Knightley’s New Movie in Chinatown


Kiera Knightley and Mark Ruffalo’s new romantic comedy, “Begin Again” was filmed partially in Chinatown. Check out her singing skills in this trailer and let us know which Chinatown locations you can spot!

A New Hotel on Canal Street


A new hotel “The Be Hotel” has made it’s way to Chinatown! 9/11 took a toll on businesses in Lower Manhattan, but New Yorkers are resilient and keep on fighting. More tourism in NYC will never hurt, but let’s show them how we do it in downtown Manhattan! Check out the full story here.

The Visual World of Chinatown

© Clay Williams /

Chinatown is a beautiful place to explore. There are countless restaurants to try and culture to learn about. It’s a photogenic neighborhood that draws a lot of visual artists. Check out the link from Serious Eats to see the best food photos in Chinatown. What’s your best picture?

63rd President of the Chinese Consolidated Benevolent Association

140110 Election 00
(Photo credit from CCBA website)

Yesterday, Eric Ng (far left) was inaugurated to be the 63rd President of the Chinese Consolidated Benevolent Association. CCBA was established in 1883 and serves as an organization to help the Chinatown community, whether it is through providing English as second language classes or hosting Chinese opera performances. The President of CCBA is often nicknamed the “Mayor” of Chinatown. Congratulations, Eric!