Celebrating Earth Day in Chinatown


Today, Kimlau Square in Chinatown will be hosting Good Earth Day in Chinatown! There will be a clothing/textile recycling event through the day and tips on going green and beautifying the area! 11am to 2pm. See you there!

The Story of Council Woman Margaret Chin


Recently, NBC did a story on Council Woman Margaret Chin and her journey in New York City called “‘I’m Not Afraid to Speak Out': How Margaret Chin Found Her Voice.” We are #TeamMargaret and are so inspired by her. Thank you for all that you do!

To read the story, click here.

ABC’s Hit Show “Fresh Off the Boat” Viewing Party at Chinatown’s Asia Roma

ABC’s new hit tv show has been taking not only the Chinese commuinty by storm, but the entire American community too! For me, it was the first time seeing those Chinese bowls on American prime time TV and the rest of the world, especially Asian Americans, are super excited.

Chinatown’s restaurant/bar, Asia Roma, has been hosting viewing parties on Wednesday nights. It’s a chance for those who enjoy the show to watch it together, similar to when Hong Kong Station was packed every night to watch Jeremy Lin play for the New York Knicks.

Check out the story here!

#ChinatownHistory : Meet York K. Chan


Meet York Kue Chan. He was the 58th President of the Chinese Consolidated Benevolent Association (CCBA) in NYC where he served the 2004 – 2006 term.

Mr. Chan was the first president of CCBA who accepted an invitation from the China and Taiwan government for an official visit. The trip’s purpose was to mend the relationship between China and Taiwan. Additionally, in 2004, he created the Chinese American Voters Federation to encourage the Chinese-American population to vote. That year, voting rates increased by 20% and everyone started to pay attention to voters of Chinese descent. During the 2004 tsunami in Indonesia, Mr. Chan and CCBA collaborated with Sing Tao Daily newspaper and raised more than 1.2 million for relief funds.

Mr. Chan, we salute you. #ChinatownHistory.

Lunar New Year Parade

Don’t miss out on today’s parade in Chinatown at 1pm! Get here early and grab a spot around 11:30 so you can see everything! Look forward to seeing you all later!