Prepare Your Business For Emergencies!

Are you a small business owner or know a small business owner who can use some tips on how to prepare the business for an emergency? 

Tomorrow at 2pm, the American Legion Lt. B.R. Kimlau Post 1291 will be hosting a workshop in Chinese and English to get you or your favorite business owner prepared!

Click HERE to register for free!

Stay Warm, Chinatown!

Photo courtesy of  ExploreChinatown

Photo courtesy of ExploreChinatown

Stay warm, Chinatown! Winter storm Jonas has hit and we encourage everyone to stay stay and stay home! 

Here are some tips from ExploreChinatown to help you:

  • Close and lock windows and doors.
  • Keep on hand non-perishable food which can be eaten without cooking.
  • Check flashlights or other emergency lights to make sure they are in working condition, and an ample supply of functional batteries.   
  • Keep a battery operated radio on hand. 
  • Fill your bathtub with water for flushing the toilet.