Meet Christina

Christina Seid has been nicknamed "Chinatown’s sweetheart". Her family’s roots are in Chinatown and she stays actively involved. Neighbors and visitors alike have seen her around town or in the media presenting her positive views. It only made sense for her to proudly carry the word "Chinatown" in her name.

This entrepreneur is the owner of Chinatown Ice Cream Factory, which has been repeatedly voted best ice cream in New York City and stands as an unofficial landmark in the community. Christina recently created a small socially conscious cupcake line, designer reusable bags and a children’s bilingual book. "Saturdays in Chinatown" shows Chinatown through a child's eyes and breaks down stereotypes while offering positive Asian role models and colorful illustrations.

Christina blogs about eateries, politics, boutiques; anything and everything Chinatown related. She gives you the real scoop on what is going on in the neighborhood. Community advocacy in the NYC area is a big part of her life. Serving on committees and boards in NYC, her generosity and advocacy in Chinatown and the APA community is laudable.

Christina of Chinatown hears the heartbeat of the community she loves so much and echoes it to her readers. She proudly embraces her culture and her community as a third generation Chinese American living out her dreams while working towards making changes in the world.