School Projects on CICF

We are very flattered that so many people decide to do their school projects on the Chinatown Ice Cream Factory! Students ranging from elementary schools to graduate schools have done projects on CICF.

Xiao Wen who is regularly comes to buy ice cream after going to school at Transfiguration, gave me a copy of the project that she did on CICF. She did a great job at describing the ice cream making process to her class. She received a score of 90! That's my girl!

Michael Healy who is a NYU film student is currently working on a documentary on food processes. We were lucky enough to have him interview us and film us producing our signature ice cream cakes. Hopefully when he finishes his project, we can post it on our YouTube page.

Other school projects that we have been involved with was teaching a small group for NYU's Stern School. On saturday mornings for one month, a small group of students would come to CICF and discuss small business ideas and practices.

Columbia's Chinese Association also did a short film which included CICF for one of their past China Nights.

If anyone is interested in doing projects on CICF, feel free to email me!