Community Involvement

At CICF, we believe that is the responsiblity of local businesses to give back to the community. We have been fortunate to have a certain level of business which allows us to be involved in a plethora of organizations and events. We consider not only Chinatown our community, but the greater NYC area. CICF has given back to places like the local hospitals and schools, as well as having participated in events such as the Special Olympics.

Growing up working at CICF, I learned that I really love being involved in the community. Recently I joined the steering committee of this great group called Project by Project (PBP).

What's cool about PBP is that it is made up of young Asian professionals. It's a fun atmosphere to work in because everyone is around the same age and views PBP as a learning experience. Not only are we helping our community, but we are also fostering growth in one another as future leaders. To learn more visit

A popular event that we have coordinated in past years was our "Holiday Toy and Book Drive". I started this event in memory of my grandfather who had passed away earlier that year. Although there are many holiday drives, not many are specifically focused on Chinatown.

For 3 consecutive years we asked friends, employees, local businesses and customers to donate new books and toys to our local Gouveneur's Hospital. All monetary donations were used to purchase books and toys from local community businesses.

I hope that CICF can inspire other small businesses in our community to keep up to date with issues in our community as well as give back what they can.