Asian Women In Business

Asian Women in Business (AWIB) is a very cool organization that I recently joined. I found out about AWIB through their involvement with the Explore Chinatown Campaign.

Since 9/11, AWIB has been actively involved with economic development and providing assistance to adversely affected businesses, both male and female owned, in Lower Manhattan. I really respect and appreciate all that they have done to help our community.

AWIB provides to its members a diverse set of classes and seminars with professionals who specialize in those areas. In addition, AWIB holds networking social events so that we can all learn from one another while having an awesome time. The flexibility of how involved you want to be is a definite plus.

Bonnie, Melissa, Suja,and Lea have done an excellent job at making AWIB feel like a family.

You can become a member for as little as $50 for students, and $125 for the individual membership.

More information on AWIB can be found on