Autumn Lin Photography

I have been in a mood where I have just not been feeling pretty. � I've been playing that West Side Story song, singing along with my girl Maria and I'm still not feeling pretty.

My friend decided to get me out of my funk. � Autumn who is a well known photographer offered to photograph me.

Autumn maintains her original office in Chinatown and has expanded to Jersey. � Surprisingly only a small percentage of her clients are Chinese. � She has been voted the best photographer by the Knot Magazine. � Autumn also is one of the regular photographers for the United Nations. She gets to follow around members of royal families, capturing their precious moments with her camera. � How awesome is that?

I'm really looking forward to my pictures. � I know they will turn out beautiful, not because I am pretty but because Autumn is so fantastic. � That's why she gets paid the big bucks ( I would not be able to afford my pictures if she didn't do them for free. � I do manual labor for a living!)�

Everything fabulous comes from Chinatown! I'm sure I'll feel as pretty as Maria after seeing the photos.

BTW her private collection "Journey to the West" is being displayed at the gallery at 11 Front Street in DUMBO.

373 Broadway, Studio D5
(917) 939 - 4899
(212) 655 - 9289