Manhattan Community Board No. 3's Parks & Waterfront committees met on
Monday, June 27, 2011, at Columbus Park's pavilion, to discuss event
and sound permits. The meeting specifically addressed concerns by
seniors and local residents regarding increased singing and playing of
musical instruments with amplified sound in the park.

Ralph Musolino, Parks and Recreation Manager for Manhattan Districts
One and Two, discussed the application procedure to obtain a special
events permit, which costs $25. Officer Keck from Community Affairs at
the New York Police Department's 5th Precinct, discussed the
application procedure for a sound permit, costing $45, and which will
only be issued after obtaining a special events permit from the New
York City Parks department. The sound permit is good for a total of
four hours of continuous amplified sound.

Seniors appealed to the Parks & Waterfront committee, NYC Parks, NYPD,
and other government representatives present to allow them to perform
more than one time a month a Columbus Park since it gives them, and
listeners, something productive to do with their free time. The
seniors also believed that the $45 sound permit fee was too much, and
that four hours was not enough time for them perform.

Residents in objection to the simultaneous amplified musical
performances at high decibels by multiple groups without an events and
sound permit, as well as the solicitation of donations, were also

The Parks & Waterfront committee warned the seniors that the NYPD
would begin to crack down on any musical performances without an
events and sound permit. A summons will be written for violators.
Those without any identification will be taken back to the police

To the address the overcrowding of multiple groups performing at
Columbus Park, NYC Parks made a proposal to that some of them go to
Foley Square in July as a pilot to see how that space suits them.
However, the trial would be without amplified sound, which the seniors

Representatives from the NYC Mayor and Assemblyspeaker Sheldon Silver,
also proposed the idea of a four-hour concert in August at Columbus
Park, to showcase the musical talents of the seniors. One senior
present proposed to the representatives that Mayor Bloomberg himself
attend the concert and hear for himself the wonderful music that is
played and enjoyed not only by Chinese, but also non-Chinese who come
to the park.

Further follow-ups will be made between NYC Parks, government
representatives, and the senior music groups.

More info on how to obtain a NYC Parks Special Events Permit:

More info on how to obtain a sound permit from the NYPD 5th Precinct,
please call (212) 334-0726.