Con Edison

So about a week and a half ago after all of this snow, Con Edison blows out half of our power. My Dad calls me on my off day because there is a CRISIS! You can't run a business without power.
Luckily they blew out the the electrical that wasn't crucial to our business. We were able to run extension chords throughout our store to help solve the problem temporarily.

Eventually they came and gave us back power. Some of our machinery had been permanently blown out and needed to be replaced. Apparently, Con Edison doesn't have to pay us back for this and is not crediting us any money toward our electric bill. This is terrible!
Right now they are still running lines through our basement to the middle of the street until the problem is fixed. I included some picture above. Everyday I trip over that mound when I go to work. As I look out the window, I see all the delivery people struggle and all the old women trip.
It's hard to make a living as a small business in NY. The stores are run by real people who have real expenses and families. Most businesses in Chinatown would need to struggle to make back this money in an event like this.
Con Edison is a publicly traded company. I think when these things happen, they should take in to account how this affects the people in our community. I hope they finish repairs soon.