Exhibit at Columbus Park

My friend Winnie always feeds me great news articles about what is going on in the community on Facebook.

The other day, I was strolling through Columbus Park. My friend asked me what the pictures hanging up were. Sadly though I own this blog, I didn't know the answer...

Right now, the exhibit Chinatown Voices is being exhibited throughout the park. The collection was meant to show the diversity of Chinatown; past and present.

I really loved it. I felt like it was something I could relate to since I'm in the community so much. Surprisingly neither of the artists were Chinese. Patel and Pham did however work through translators. One artist is Vietnamese and the other is from India.

The art is also interactive; inviting the spectator to relate the art to their own stories.

For me, most of the special moments in my life have taken place in Chinatown...

Visit Columbus Park and email me and I'd like for you to share your story with me. =)

For more information visit www.nycmetropoles.com