Hester Street's Fruit Vendor

There's a couple here who's been running this small fruit stand for forever and a day. Upon first impression, many have found this man to be rude. After going there, you'll find that he's just very protective of his fruit. Him and his wife will literally snap at you if you try to touch the fruit.
Unlike other stands, touching the fruits before buying is highly discouraged.

The prices for fruit here are also a bit on he high side for Chinatown. (keep in mind that it's still very cheap)

It is however one of my favorite places to buy from. It is almost guaranteed that whatever you get from them is high quality. I also think it's really sweet that the love their merchandise so much. I kinda think of them like the Sacred Fruit Guardians of Chinatown.

Check out the oranges here. They're top notch! I heart this fruit vendor!

(Located on Hester off the corner of Elizabeth Street)