Magnetic North

I recently reconnected with this band that I became absolutely addicted to. � Magnetic North is an Asian American hip hop band that has awesome beats, as well as inspirational lyrics. � My favorite songs on their CD are "So Long" and the "Price of Perfection".

Randomly, I stumbled upon their information on Facebook. � I'm not a huge fan of music videos, but I found theirs to be extremely creative. � Definitely check them out. � One of their music videos has given me a new interest in anime. I might actually have to check out Haruto anime on the internet.

Tonight, I actually had the honor of hanging out with Theresa and Derek who make up Magnetic North. � (And the answer is "no", I did not bribe them with free ice cream! ) � They are both extremely cool, good looking, and down to earth.�

I ended the night, coming back to my shop with a bunch of their CDs. � Right about when I was about to pop one into our stereo, the kids at the shop mobbed me. � Apparently, everyone knows and loves this group. � kids are hard workers, so I couldn't � help but give them the copies I purchased.... � Ehhh...them kids =X �

I hope that a huge record label signs them soon! � They are way too talented to go without something big being sprung upon them.

For more information on them, visit�

FYI: It was also good to find out that they were both also fans of CICF's ginger and almond cookie ice cream!