Rebuilding the Bridge with the Jabbawockeez

Sichuan Earthquake Charity Event

Chinatown Ice Cream Factory is proud to be an in-kind sponsor to this great fundraising event. It will be a good time, raising money for a good cause. What better way to spend a Saturday night? The performances will be excellent! My friend and I have already bought our tickets and I encourage you to do the same!

It's good to see all these Asian Not For Profits bond together to do something for efforts to rebuild the Sichuan area after the earthquake. Details are below:

Please join a ground breaking coalition of Asian American performers and not-for-profit organizations as we raise awareness and dollars to help rebuild China's Sichuan region after one the most devastating natural disasters in recent memory. Appearances include Planet B-Boy, Ryan Leslie, Beau Sia, Andrew Choi, Park Jin Young (JYP), Ken Leung (ABC's Lost), Councilman John C. Liu, DJ Cipha Sounds and DJ Delinger. Tickets available here: web: email: There's a $10 discount for buying online and seating is limited! 100% of your ticket purchase is tax deductible since it all goes to charity. Mainstream media and people in general are starting to forget that a major earthquake hit China leaving tens of millions of homeless and in need of help for many years to come. So even if people can't attend, we still want them to remember. So besides raising money, we're looking to maintain awareness of the earthquake victims in China.