Remember the Egg Cake Lady?

Remember that Egg Cake Lady on Mosco Street? Well back a couple of years ago, her shop closed on Mosco street.

Her shop was very memorable because she worked it all alone and there used to be lines that would span to Columbus Park. She used to limit people to only 2 bags of egg cakes each. She was also known for closing abruptly although she had a whole line of customers. Story has it that she put all of her children through college selling those $1 bag of cakes.

I haven't heard what the reason for her closing was. Maybe she just didn't need the money anymore?

Well now, in it's place sits a kiosk that sells candy and cold drinks. It's not the egg cake lady, but it's nice to see that the space has reopened.

For those of you who don't know where Mosco Street is; it's that tiny street that runs perpendicular to Mott Street. It's literally half a block long. Most people go a lifetime without ever going down there. It's a really cool street though!