Teaching Ice Cream Making For The New Year

Cathy wanted to do something special for her daughter's preschool class to teach them about Chinese culture for the Lunar New Year. After she found out that the Chinese were actually the first to invent ice cream, she invited me to teach a lesson on ice cream making at York Preschool on the Upper East Side.

Preschoolers are so funny. I asked them what was in ice cream and one kid replied, "ice". Man, I love kids!

All the kids had a blast because we were able to make our own red bean ice cream! At first they were a little grossed out that we were making ice cream with actually beans but in the end it grew on them.

Surprisingly, most of them were adventerous enough to also try things like the taro, green tea, and lychee.

It was a real treat for me because I do miss teaching and being in the classroom again.