Thanksgiving in Chinatown

People usually would not think the words "Thanksgiving" and "Chinatown" go together. I beg to differ...

Chinatown is one of the liveliest places in the city during the holidays. Many of the restaurants and shops are closed on Thanksgiving whereas, Chinatown is the real city that never sleeps.

NYC is full of singles, away from their families. Many of them living in small apartments don't have room to cook the traditional Thanksgiving meals. What better alternative than to go to Chinatown for great Chinese food with friends? (and finish with some pumpkin pie ice cream at CICF!)

*Another cool thing to know: If you don't want to cook your own turkey; bring it to a Chinese restaurant a few days beforehand. Many of the places that have the chickens and the ducks hanging in the window, will cook your holiday bird for about 10 bucks. It winds up tasting amazing, with a bit of the Chinatown flava!*