The Turn On Delancy and Allen

From my commute in from Queens, I have to make this turn off Delancy onto Allen street. This turn has gotten worse and worse.

This morning I especially hated this turn and hated life, when I got into a minor "accident".

This is a very busy turn. First it went from being two left turning lanes to one. Then they decided to put a bike lane there with picnic tables. It's really the strangest and most dangerous thing ever.

Another thing that I found out today is that the traffic cops alternate their locations. This means that they are (A) often not used to the current location (B) not used to working with the other traffic cops that they are put with.

This morning one traffic cop was directing 2-3 lanes to turn quickly as the opposite street turned to a quick green. Ongoing traffic was coming fast.

I felt really bad that I tapped the car in front of me. I felt even worse that the traffic cop estimated that the "bump" on his car would at most cost $100 but that the guy wanted to file through my insurance company and give both me and himself hell.

After beating myself up over it, I found out that I was already the 2nd accident where the same thing had happened just this morning. I sought solace in that, and the fact that my Daddy still loves me...

I hope the city reconsiders the design of this turn.