Vacant Stores At The Head of Mott Street

Yesterday was the closing day of Sinotique on Mott Street. Sinotique is one of the many shops who have closed within the last few years.

Until recently, the head of Mott Street has been the prime real estate in Chinatown. Now this area is filled with vacant stores.

Most of us Chinatown locals think that this happened for a combination of reasons...

(1) KEY BUSINESSES GO OUT- The restaurant that sat on the corner of Mulberry and Mott occupied a huge space for many years. After their lease was up, they have had a hard time getting a tenant. Rumor has it that they have been very difficult negotiating the rent. When the space first became vacant, I heard that the space was going for 40 G,not including water or taxes.
Other businesses that have also went out are the walk down Vietnamese Restaurant and the Hair Dresser.

(2) CLOSING OF PARK ROW- The closing of Park Row has been terrible for the Chinatown Community. It has made it hard for people to travel into our neighborhood. Bad for businesses.

(3) BAD ECONOMY- Despite low prices for meals and goods in Chinatown, the community has still been hit. People are just not coming into the city. Tourism is also down.

(4) CONSTRUCTION- There is some bad construction that is making it hard for us to walk on our sidewalks.