CAAAV will be open tomorrow at 10am to receive the following donations: - flashlights - batteries - food (perishable and non-perishable) - bottled water

Update from today's assessment in Chinatown by CAAV:

Two things of most importance: 1) There is no information getting into Chinatown. While the tenants were able to get newspapers mid-day, the news was obviously not up to date. No one is able to make

cell phone calls, there is no internet, and no tv. Some people who can, are able to send texts, but almost everyone had used up the battery on their phones. They have no idea how long the electricity will be gone for. They have no idea when the trains will work again. There was no one giving out information, and it was clear there was no place to get information. 2) There are no services. No one has generators running so there is no backup of anything. There are buildings where there are tenants with no water at all. In the public housing, water was shut off, and there are still a significant number of residents still inside. They're fine otherwise, but could use some water.