CUNY Conference on Asian American Economic Empowerment

When they asked me to be one of the speakers at an economic conference, I said "yes".  In reality, what on earth do I know about economics?  I got  a "C" in college in Macro and Micro!  Then when they asked for suggestions on workshops, I came up with "Young  Asian American Entrepreneurs".  That I can speak about!

When I was a kid scooping ice cream, they would call what I do being a "shopkeeper".  Now they have this snazzy new French word "entrepreneur".  I'm glad that somehow my job became cool.  I came to the co nclusion recently that I may be one of Chinatown's youngest entrepreneurs!  I guess all those years of child labor scooping and cleaning paid off! Just kidding...

Other panelists included Larissa Buerano (State Farm Agent), Stephen Chen (Founder GreenSoul Shoes), and Darren Wan (owner Red Egg).

Great conference, good food, and good people.  Check it out next year!