NYU's Hong Kong Association

One of my kids, Jamie Zhen (AKA JZ) is going to be in a breakdance routine in NYU's HK Night tommorrow. It's going to take place at Kimmel Center E&L Auditorium, 4th Floor. It's only $10 for admission & $7 for NYU students. Now, I call that a great deal for anything in NYC.

There's going to be drama, dancing, raffle prizes, games & a live band performance. Sounds like a blast for those of you who haven't already made plans for tommorrow night.

I would 110 percent be there, but my sister's graduating from UMICH so I'll be out of state. I will be there in spirit.

For more information: http://www.nyu.edu/clubs/hksa/files/sensations2k7_playbill.pdf

Momma Chris loves you JZ!