The Skadden ARPS Signing

I thought I was pretty prepared for the signing at Skadden, but I was actually much more nervous there than I was at Macy's. I felt slightly out of my element.

The kids were great of course; but I guess I wasn't used to being in the presence of so many prestigious lawyers who were there to hear me speak. I'm great around kids and demoing food but when it comes to speaking in front of these super lawyers, I get the jitters in my knees. Oh well...did my best.

Overall it went very well. Glad that big companies like Skadden are not only recognizing but celebrating Asian Pacific American Heritage Month. I'm glad that I could introduce them and their children to my book and introduce them to Chinatown. Everyone knows how I love C-Town!

One of the lawyers there was actually studying and practicing speaking, reading, and writing Chinese in Chinatown. She was just as excited as the kids about my new book! Glad I could make their days.

I really love being in the food industry. Food is a very comfortable medium to introduce someone to your culture because everyone has to eat. And everyone eats ice cream! In the end, whether you're a big shot lawyer or a young child, ice cream can always bring a smile to your face.