Good Customers and Bad Customers

Our customers are both the best part of the job and the worst part. There are some of our customers that are so sweet, I wish I could just adopt them into my family.


*Ivy is one of the sweetest customers ever! Her smile can just light up a room. She is our #1 cake customer. Although Ivy works in New Jersey, she is the official errand CICF girl for all the cake orders at her workplace. I've never seen one person order so many cakes. She is always very kind when she comes in and it's people like her who really make my day by just being pleasant and kind.

*There's this one lady who goes around and collects all the soda cans from the local businesses at night. Rain, hail or snow, she's out and about on the street. She not only buys ice cream from us, but she also even gave us hong bow (Chinese New Year Money). I hung up the dollars that she gave me on the wall as our lucky dollars. To me, it represents hard work. For each of those dollars, she had to collect 20 cans and she gave those dollars to us.


*There was this man who ordered peach ice cream. He ate half of his ice cream and he said that he wanted a refund. His rationale was that our peach ice cream didn't taste like the peach ice cream that he had elsewhere. I told him that I could not refund it for obvious reasons and that our policy was that we just cannot give refunds for half eaten ice cream when there is nothing wrong with the product. He then tried to bargin for a discount and said that he would do us the favor by eating the rest of it. He argued with me for a good 15 mins and left. Then he came back and argued with me some more where the complaint escalated into a form of harrassment. I then again repeated why I can't refund his money especially when it was all eaten. Then again he threatened to mar our reputation and such and criticized the way I ran the business. Then he left and a third time he returned and then criticized me more and then I told him that I would have to call the police unless he left because it was becoming too ridiculous.