High School Crushes

What's cool about working at CICF is that we have so many people that come in and out, that I am always reconnecting with old friends and there are tons of familiar faces. This is mostly a good thing.

Here's a funny or not so funny anecdote of the day for me.

So I'm at work and who comes in? The hottest boy from my high school! Back in the days of attending Benjamin Cardozo HS (which was ages ago), I had the biggest crush on this boy. I think most of the school had a crush on him because our boy to girl ratio for my year was like 2:8.

In my mind, I was thinking should I finally introduce myself after 10 years of him not knowing that I existed? I wanted to say, "All the girls had the biggest crush on you in high school, including me."

So as I'm scooping his ice cream, what happens? Being the klutz and dork that I am, I knock over a stack of cups as my heart skips like ten beats. Yes, I made a total fool of myself.

So I try to smile at him and cover up what I've just done, and in the back of my mind I'm worried about whether or not I have frosting in my hair or something. I am definitely not feeling my cutest in my baseball cap, although our uniforms definitely do rock.

Yep...this boy still totally doesn't know I exist. There are some things that even a decade won't change. I am definitely not going to admit that I was part of his girl crazy fan club.

Okay, lady players....cut me a little slack over my antimack skills. I haven't been single for 8 years, so this talking to guys thing is new to me!

Who will I bump into next here? Everyone eats CICF ice cream. It is that damn good!

Hopefully the next time a cute boy comes in, I won't make a fool out of myself, but I doubt that.