Rice Increases In Price

I really don't know how these businesses in Chinatown survive. Today I bought duck over rice and it was $3.75. Right now rice is at a super high price and they say there's a shortage. The other day I went to Costco, and I noticed that they limited all the shoppers to 3 bags max for their purchase of rice.

The food is really really good in Chinatown. I think the marketing of some of the restaurants here is too old school. I had this conversation with someone and we came to the conclusion that maybe back in certain areas in China, food was valued more than marketing.

Competition in Asia is also fierce. In my opinion the Chinatown businesses should charge what their meals are worth because they are just cheating themselves. Often the customers just see the food as being low quality because of their low prices.

I would easily pay $10-$15 for that meal.