Wonton Noodle Soup

My favorite restaurant in Chinatown is Hsin Wong. I must've written that a million times in my blog. Love it! It's cheap and convenient.

It's also comfortable eating solo here. Lots of people do. I eat most of my meals alone because my work hours are odd. There's always a small table waiting for me.

They have lots of good comfort food for days at work that were a lil more rough than you would've liked.

Rachael Ray is my homegirl and says Pasta is comfort food. I'm Chinese so I believe in mein and hoi fun.

In this picture: Wonton Hau Fun (Wonton with wide noodles) I usually add a lot of cha siu (roast pork.)

FYI all the waiters there know I can pack taht food down!

72 Bayard Street
New York, NY 10013