Zen Butter

Customers usually ask what inspires us to create a certain flavor. Well, one of our newest flavors is Zen Butter, and I'll give you the DL on how we came up with this flavor sensation.

Back when I was in high school (which was like a decade ago), I met my friend Chris Tzen (last name pronounced "Zen"). From the first day that I met him, he has been getting on my case to make a peanut butter ice cream. I would always reply that we can't make peanut butter ice cream because there's nothing exotic about it...

One day when I was in a restaurant eating cold Asian peanut butter noodles with sesame seeds, the idea hit me! Eureka! Peanut butter ice cream with toasted sesame seeds. Who knew that those noodles we eat so often would be a source of inspiration.

So here I am ten years later, finally with peanut butter ice cream. I found it only appropriate to name it after him with a Chinese twist. Hence "Zen Butter" was born.