5 Ways to Stay Cool in This Summer Heat

Watermelon Juice 1. Turn the lights off! Use natural lighting at home during the day. Close the sheer curtains! It'll save money on your energy bill and help you stay cool at home.

2. Put on your best bathing suit and bring your kids/best friend/significant other to the local park. The sprinklers are on full force and you'll have a great time running through it like you were 5 years old again!

3. If you're on the go, keep a damp face towel inside a zip lock bag You won't believe how comfortable it will feel to dab your face and neck every hour or so!

4. Drink even more water or electrolytes! I made a watermelon, cucumber and lime juice to cool off after my hot yoga class today. If you're allergic, coconut water is a great alternative!

5. Stop by the Chinatown Ice Cream Factory! (OBVIOUSLY!) We have brand new summer flavors like wild berry and black raspberry sorbet.