A Girl's Outing

My friend Gloria rescued me from work. It's an ice cream scooping vortex once I get in. I was in need of some R & R.

She brought me to this walk up hair salon. The drill is to ask for the "shampoo & dry" to get a scalp massage. It was only $13! It included a shoulder and scalp massage. They worked on each of us for a good hour!

I pulled out the $20 and realized that is how much they really should be making but don't. I left the rest for tip and it still seemed like a good bargain at $20. (Gloria has not let me disclose the location of this place yet. It's her "secret spot" I'm working on getting permission to disclose!)

We walked out of the salon, feeling like super models with our freshly blown out and styled hair off to dinner...

Then we went to eat Chiu Chao food at the New Chiu Chao Restaurant. According to my Chiu Chao friends, this is one of the only 2 Chiu Chao restaurants in our Chinatown. Get the #1 on the menu. It's amazing! You get a huge bowl of noodles, in an amazing broth with different types of meats.

Gloria looks particularly beautiful after the hair salon! The picture is of her posing with her bowl of noodles!

& the hair salon TBA