Apotheke is one of two posh underground bars that I know in Chinatown. (The other one is Milk and Honey.) They have quite the hipster following.


The old Golden Flower sign on Pell Street still hangs. The place looks abandoned.

Inside lies a apothecary decor. The waitresses are dress in speakeasy attire.

The drink menu is pretty cool. I like their "Lychee Three Ways". The drink is made of lychee-infused Vodka, fresh lychees and house-made lychee sour essence. DELISH!

Other drink favs include the Five Points, Saffron Sazerac, and House Absinthe.

When I'm driving, they make me a non alcoholic berry drink. That's yummy too but it's missing that kick.

The drinks here are definitely not cheap. A drink will run you about $15 not including a tip.

Their bartenders like to set drinks on fire at the bar which keeps their customers entertained while they wait.

I'll blog about Milk and Honey another time.... =)

NEW YORK, NY 10013