AY YAH!! May May's Is Closing!

Oh goodness! I heard today from a friend that May May is closing their business. It's currently run by John who I understand to be a second generation business owner. I often see him there personally making the dimsum and items that he sells.

It breaks my heart to know that this place that I have so often bought my dimsum and zhogzis from will not survive a third generation. He is going on to retire after many years of hard work. Like many Chinese business owners, his children have gone on to becoming professionals who do not wish to continue the business.

The landscape of Chinatown has been changing so quickly. Every time a longstanding business like May May leaves, it leaves a void in our community. Small businesses are a big part of what make up Chinatown and our history.

I will definitely be heading to May May's tomorrow to get my fill.