Dim Sum At Oriental Garden

My friend Thea from Hamilton Madison House loves dimsum. The only problem is that she doesn't eat meat! I'm totally carnivorous!

It actually hasn't been as much of a challenge to find dim sum items without meat. We dimsumed at Oriental Garden. This wood paneled restaurant tends to be among my favorites. It's more calm than the bigger banquet halls. The quality tends to also be higher. It's slightly more expensive but when I say that, it means maybe 50cents to a dollar more.

We at a plate of choy sum, vegetable spring rolls, and vegetable dumplings. They also have a menu around that is bilingual with pictures. They carry more than what they offer on the small dimsum carts they are pushing around.

Who knew eating food without meat could be so tasty. Dimsum without meat can still be yummy!

212) 619-0085