Egg Custard King = Natalie's Bakery?

Egg Custard King was kinda like the egg custard version of CICF. They used to have different flavored egg custards, ranging from strawberry to taro. With all the variety, I am still a fan of the original egg custard (don-tot).

So I get a comment on my post the other day that they renamed it Natalie's Bakery? I'm thinking WTF?!!? So, I go and call them and ask if this is Egg Custard King and they reply "yes". I'm not convinced. I go in for further investigating and walk to the location.

It is oh so deceiving. The sign's font and everything looks the same as the old Egg Custard King but yes it has been renamed Natalie's Bakery! They actually only have too varieties of egg custard; original and Portuguese style.

This is sad news for the don tot scene in Chinatown! They did however have yummy green tea cakes!