Famous Sichuan

I was so excited to find another hot pot place in Chinatown. This winter has been so cold; leaving me to crave something with hot soup...

Hot pots are fun to do with family and friends. It's a social experience where you are cooking the food together at the table. It's good bonding time with the people you care for. And the best part is at the end, you come out with great soup and cooked food!
This restaurant also offers excellent Sichuan food that is already prepared if you're not a hot pot person.
Their fish dishes here are beautiful. They are served whole and many of their options are steamed. The sesame prawns are also delish!
Lastly, if you're on the run and need some grub for lunch, they offer specials. For $5.50, you get a soup, and appetizer and a main dish. Who can beat that price?