Joe's Ginger

Joe's Ginger is a big hit with the tourist and the non-Chinese crowd. It is a neighbor and a shoot off of the more well known Joe's Shanghai.

I must say that the food here is very tasty. It's considered a bit more expensive than the typical Chinatown restaurant but it's nothing that will break the bank. Their soup dumplings with crab meat were absolutely D E L I C I O U S!

The waitress recommended the Joe's Special Seafood Noodles and it was a delight! There were big chunks for seafood; including crab claws over yummy thick noodles.

The bill for two full people came out to be around $30+ including tip. That's still a steal in Manhattan if you ask me.

Joe's Ginger
25 Pell St

New York, NY 10013-5168

(212) 285-0333