Monday Madness In Chinatown

A friend of mine had asked me to hang out after work. I close shop about 10 pm.

We met a bunch of Chinatown novices at Red Egg where we had a round of late night dim sum and lychee sakitinis. The night has just begun.

Chinatown is a late night city. The massage parlors don't close till the wee hours of the morning. The four of us went for an hour long foot massage at Foot and Back Heaven. The guys were impressed how great a foot massage could be. And at a mere $35 you can feel like you're on Cloud 9. While getting the massage, they chuckled reading the sign "Legitimate Service, and No Hanky Panky!"

Across the way was Doyers street. So I figured, why not go to Apotheke. My friends thought I was leading them through a deserted alleyway. Instead I showed them one of NYC's undercover bars. I like the speakeasy ambiance.

Then we ended the night at Whiskey Tavern. One of Robb's specialties here are the pickle shots. Don't ask questions! Just try it! They're yummy. Trust me.

OMG it's only Monday? What will the weekend be like in Chinatown?

Red Egg 202 - Centre Street

Foot and Back -Heaven 16 Pell Street

Apotheke -9 Doyers Street

Whiskey Tavern -79 Baxter Street