N.Y. Noodle Town

My Boo has been sick, so I've been buying lots of soup dishes. Yes, I am a very good girlfriend. (BIG PAT ON THE BACK)

Anyway...NY Noodle Town is one of my favorites when it comes to anything with wonton, noodles, or soups.

The lady that runs the place has been there for ages. She has a bit of a reputation of being rude. I feel like if one day she wasn't there, it would ruin it for me. She's part of the NY Noodle Town experience in a funny way.

My recommendations are the Vegtable Dumplings in Soup with Noodles and the Fish Congee. When I'm starving I get the Wonton Noodle Soup with Roast Pork.

This place is an awesome late night spot. They are open till 4 am. Many memories of coming here after partying.

NEW YORK, NY 10013

Love this place!