Old Shanghai Deluxe

The Old Shanghai Deluxe now occupies the space that used to be Mr. Tang's. The food here is almost the same as the New Yeah Shanghai Deluxe which recently closed. Half the restaurant group stayed in the old 65 Bayard Street location under a new name and the other half went to start this venture.

I like this place because there is a lot of seating and has a prime location. The big glass windows let you look onto the busy street as you eat. The wait staff is also dressed up in traditional Chinese attire which is a nice touch.

I was surprised to see that this place is often packed during lunch and dinner. Mr Tang's had struggled a long time in this economy. This new restaurant was a good touch to Chinatown because it is moderately priced and looks more fancy.

Glad to see a new business striving!

NEW YORK, NY 10013