Old Sichuan Cuisine Inc

My long time neighbor, Shanghai Deluxe recently went out of business. It was a great place for soup dumplings and pan fried noodles. Many celebrities have been seen eating there.

Now, Shanghai Deluxe has closed and Old Sichuan Cuisine Inc.stands in its place. Word is that the restaurant group had split in half, each getting a new set up of partners. Some stayed and formed Old Sichuan, while the others rushed to take over what used to be Mr. Tangs.

The menu here is relatively similar. The dumplings and the mapo tofu here are definitely a must. The food is so yummy and inexpensive that I almost always over order.
It's also cool that they do offer lunch specials for $5.95. They have an option of 30 different items, that come with the choice of soup or vegetable roll with rice. That's a bargain and very convenient if you work in the area. The pepper steak here is delish, though every now and then I crave General Tso's Chicken.
After eating lunch, pop into to CICF for some ice cream and to say "hello"!
NEW YORK, NY 10013