Places To Eat Late At Night

Yesterday night after partying, I headed back to Chinatown (my favorite place in the world!) with my friends. It really is the best place to satisfy your late night munchies.

We went to 69 Restaurant (69 Bayard Street) for some beef chow fun and chicken wings. I don't think that the chicken wings are on the menu because they aren't very Chinese but you can request them. This establishment is open till 4 am so it's a great place to hit up on a saturday night.

What's also cool about this restaurant is that it has all these dollar bills posted on their walls. They let the customers personalize their dollars and stick them up. Although I have posted my dollars up, I have realized that they periodically replace them. =(

Another restaurant in Chinatown that is also open late at night is NY Noodletown (located on Bowery and Bayard). I like the cha siu (Chinese pork) noodle soup here.

I think Chinatown is the only place in NYC where the food is so yummy and dirt cheap. It is hands down the best place to eat at all times of the day.