Shanghai Cuisine

Today, I met up with my buddy Pauline Yu. � Pauline works as the Community Liason for Mayor's office. � Her Father is also President of the Chinese Benevolent Association (CCBA). � So in short she is a Chinatown Advocate All-Star!

We had lunch and chit chatted about local politics at Shanghai Cuisine. � It always feels good to get together with other young people in the Chinatown area who want to better our community. � Also it's a plus when they want to venture and try new yummy foods with you!
We ate their soup dumplings with pork which is a signature� Shanghai dish. � In addition, we also ate noodles with beef and eggplant. � YUMMY!�
Although we are in a recession, I don't think that means we can't stuff ourselves. � This yummy meal for two, including tip was a little shy of $30. � Keep in mind we over ordered.