Swat Bar

It was my friend's bday� Saturday and everything was booked up in Chinatown. Somehow, someone found this random bar that was able to accommodate the 30 of us without reservations.

There is always a catch. Swat Bar is extremely old school. It wasn't necessarily a bad thing...I actually had a really good time.

The best way to describe the joint is " a second floor Golden Flower revival." For those of us that remember Golden Flower, it was a bit of a Chinese karaoke dive bar. Now, a lot of people are sad that it's gone and it is now taken over by the posh Apoteke.

Karaoke with a stage; mostly Chinese songs. A much older crowd in a second floor walk up. Swat Bar still has all the essential beers and mixed drinks that makes for a good evening.

I long thought that the old school bars of Chinatown, (besides for Winnie's) were gone. I realized that they have just moved a little further out. It's definitely not posh, but that doesn't mean that it can't be fun. Old school Chinatown karaoke bars...

95 or 97 Canal Street
Corner of Orchard and Canal, 2nd Floor Walkup