Top 10 Dim Sum Places in Chinatown

20080930-jingfong Americans have brunch with bottomless mimosas. The Chinese have dim sum in a loud, action packed restaurant. But what exactly is dim sum? Small pre-cooked Cantonese dishes pushed around in carts. Each table will receive a paper that will be stamped, depending on what you order. It's a fun experience that you must try at least once while you're in NYC.

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Here is list of the top 10 places in Chinatown to catch some dim sum.

10. Chatham Square Restaurant - Believe it or not, the seafood dishes are amazing here. Try the clams in black bean sauce!

9. Buddha Bodai - Not interested in the pork buns or chicken feet? No worries! Buddha Bodai is a great vegetarian restaurant.

8. Oriental Garden - Just down the street from Jing Fong, this restaurant offers a small version of the big dim sum hall experience. Fried fish balls are a must.

7. Mei Lai Wah - If the walls could talk! A Chinatown favorite, this coffee shop has been around for decades. The egg custards are famous, but my all time favorite snack is the fried dough dipped in honey.

6. Grand Harmony - Try their stir fry (anything) and soups. Traditional decor with dragons and phoenixes makes it a very popular Chinese wedding venue.


5. Golden Unicorn - A two-level restaurant, this becomes a very popular dim sum spot on the weekends. Their fried noodles with seafood is super delicious! Hot sauce optional.

4. Ping's - They are known for their seafood (STIR FRY LOBSTER!) but everything is great!

3. Dim Sum Go Go - ALL DAY DIM SUM. Whether you're craving it during peak hours or 8PM at night, you can come here!

2. Red Egg - A more modern twist to the traditional experience. Best happy hour dim sum! 2 for 1 drink deals.

1. Jing Fong - Best banquet hall experience with traditional Chinese decor. Big chandeliers and the women pushing the dim sum carts add to the authenticity. Go before or after peak hours (10am to 2pm) - it can be quite a wait!