US Open's Li Na

The US Open is a huge deal every year in NYC. I've never been, but I experience the craze through the traffic coming into Manhattan.

China's Li Na has been spotted in Manhattan's Chinatown. In the New York Times article, she is spotted on Bayard Street!

She ate at Coluck and ordered Kimchi Bokumbop. I've eaten at Coluck a million times and have never eaten that. I will have to try it sometime. Li Na rated it as being 85 percent. I think she would have liked their mashed potatoes or chicken wings better. Coluck is a Chinese/American super fast food joint. Definitely not gourmet but fun to eat with friends.

I'm sad that she didn't come to CICF! Hope she kicks butt at the US Open! Chinatown loves Li Na!

located in the tunnel/alleyway btw Elizabeth and Mott Streets