Valentine's Day At Peking Duck House

Everyone knows that I love Chinatown. It only seemed appropriate to my boyfriend that we celebrate Valentine's Day in the community I love.

Peking Duck House (PKD) has always been one of my favorite restaurants. I often don't have time for a real sit down dinner. When I do, PKD is at the top of my list. I love to watch them carve the duck in front of you. It's a bit of a show to me. I also appreciate how the plating of their food is so beautiful.
Though the prices are higher than the average Chinatown restaurant, they are still lower than other restaurants of it's caliber in the city. The food is some of the most delicious that I have ever tasted. The price paid is well worth it.
The place is usually packed so I recommend making reservations. It's a great date place!
The midtown crowd will also be pleased to know that they have opened a second location on 53rd Street btw 2nd and 3rd avenues!
(212) 227-1810