Wo Hop Restaurant

Wo Hop is quite possibly one of Chinatown's most famous restaurants event for people who have not come to Chinatown. On the sitcom, Everyone Loves Raymond, Ray often talks about his love for Wo Hop's food.

The restaurant has an upstairs and a walk down area. � The walk down area is much more popular than the upstairs. � I would recommend it for the "real Wo Hop" experience. � The decor is adorned with photos of celebrities who are fans of the place.

The food however, is not traditional Chinese cuisine. � I would say it's kind of a Chinese/American fusion late night food joint. �

My friend Amy (who isn't Chinese) told me that her parents had their first date there. � Glad it went well, otherwise Amy wouldn't have been born! =) � Chicks must dig Wo Hop as a date spot? � Dig it, dig it?�

Wo Hop Restaurant
15 Mott St
New York,� NY10013

(212) 566-3841