Today got together with buddies Kendra and Margaret and headed down to Mulberry Street for a drink.

Margaret, a local New Yorker and familiar with Chinatown was surprised to see a young posh after work crowd in the neighborhood. Often growing up, many of us associate Chinatown as a place to only run our family's errands and have family events.

Yello is a really cute bar that serves yummy drinks. You can find Lychee Martinis as well as whatever beer suits your fancy.

The food here is surprisingly very good for a bar. They have quite an extensive menu; ranging from calamari to chicken wings. All three of us girls are huge fans of their chicken wings. Even my tiny friend Margaret somehow managed to down a round herself!

We're excited to hit up the karaoke that they have downstairs that we recently discovered is free! I can't sing for my life, but it's all in good fun.

Yello-Mulberry Street (Btw Mosco and Bayard Streets)