Atlantic City

So I just came back from Atlantic City (AC). � I feel exhausted from the car ride even though I didn't drive. � I must say that I am still a fan of taking the Chinatown bus.

In terms of driving, Jersey somehow does not make any sense. � And when you get lost, you have to pay more in tolls and gas. � It cost us a small fortune getting there because my GPS was possessed by the devil. � I almost had a fight with my Garmin. � It was insistent that the Tropicana was to the right, but my eyes just saw a body of water.... � I have a poor sense of direction but that definitely was not correct.

I also like the Chinatown buses that run to AC because they give you vouchers. � For $40 they give you $40 of match coupons, and a meal! � Can you believe that? � And that includes the RT ticket from Chinatown NYC to AC. � Is that not a bargain? �

You can buy tickets along the area of Bowery and Division Streets. � You'll see lots of buses to AC idle and you can ask around. � Chances are someone will approach you before you feel lost. � Drop offs are mostly to the Hilton or to the Borgota.�