Fuzhounese Study

My very good friend Winnie is currently doing a research project on the Fuzhonese youth of Chinatown. Winnie is doing some pioneering research. Not much has been written on the Fuzhou population because they are considered a more recent immigrant population.

Though NYC's Chinatown has historically been a Cantonese speaking neighborhood, we have recently seen huge changes in the language and food being served here.

I'll keep you posted on what her findings are in the near future. If you are a Fuzhounese Youth and you would like to participate, please find more information below:

Researcher: Winnie Tam Hung Cultural Studies Graduate Group, University of California, Davis, Cell: 845-234-2078, wintam@ucdavis.edu

Title of Study: Chinatown Rim: Chinese Subjectivities and the Cultural Politics of an Ethnic Space

Protocol #: HC-02081053




You are being asked to participate in a study about your experiences growing up in the U.S. and your feelings about your life in the U.S., New York, and Chinatown. Interviews will last on average one (1) hour, but can last as long as necessary and the researcher expects to conduct 50 interviews. All information is voluntary. Participants must be 18-30 years old and legal residents of the U.S.