Happy Father's Day

Dedicated to my Dad

CICF has been around for a long time and is considered to be a second generation business. Thanks to the foundation that my father has laid down for me, CICF has grown and continued to be a success.

What has our father-daughter relationship been like? In short: it's been a lesson in entreprenurship. I don't have an MBA but I've learned how to run a business from the school of hard knocks.

Dad has been dragging me to work since I was 12. I had to give up the weekends playing with my friends to go to work.

Our work has always required heavy lifting and many hours of standing and drudgery work. Even though I'm a girl with a small frame, I'm used to carrying a lot and doing physical labor. My dad has taught me that girls can do everything boys can do. He never expected anything less from me.

In retrospect, going to work with my father helped me to understand and respect what he did because I did it too. My father would always tell me "money doesn't grow on trees".

Father's Day, like other family holidays will have to be celebrated on a later date because all of us are always working at a frenzied pace to make our cakes for our customers. This doesn't mean that I love my dad any less. He is without a doubt the inspiration in my life. Anything that I've achieved in my life has been because my father has been so loving and supportive.

I love you Dad!